The rosyGarbo company has been operating in the high fashion sector for over forty years, with creations of fine wedding and ceremony tailoring, strictly "Made in Italy".
The production is completely carried out in the Venetian headquarters, with the use of fabrics from the most renowned Italian textile industries and with the commitment of artisan techniques that allow us to take care of finishes and details with the utmost attention.
Each garment is produced from the yarn and in all its subsequent processing phases exclusively in Italy by highly qualified labor. The embroideries and applications are handmade and make each garment exclusive.
The rosyGarbo style is characterized by the continuous search for the contrast of fabrics, colors and for the innovative combinations that allow us to create plays of light and seductive transparencies.
The lines are always refined and elegant, often inspired by the artistic beauties of the Venetian palaces and by the Venetian culture and tradition, with some references also to the ancient glass art of Murano.
Enrolled in the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, the brand participates in many national events, and has paraded at the usual editions of Roman high fashion and at the prestigious international event "Woman under the stars" in Piazza di Spagna (Rome).
Each year the rosyGarbo collections are presented at the international "Si Sposa Italia" exhibition in Milan.
The commercial sales network is spread over national and international territory with single-brand ateliers and other points of sale.